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The Dairy of Pratomagno, today despite the modernity of its equipment, work with traditional methods still respecting what has been since the beginning of the mission: "to make a typical product, which starts today, as then, the basic elements of extreme naturalness , meets the needs of the consumer. "

To further this mission the members of the cooperative are given a production code respectful of the beautiful environments where grazing herds all highly selected. And this law, today the cheese factory is able to produce with high quality standards the best sheep cheeses in many national variants of pasta.

The company

The dairy cooperative breeders of Pratomagno is active in Casentino since the seventies. As always, in his dairy business he has drawn from the fresh milk of sheep breeders every morning gave the processing center located on the edge of the village of Talla. This has allowed over the years to create a product, cheese percorino, particularly appreciated, first in Tuscany and then in neighboring regions.